••• CLUB EXHIBITION, 7th Sep., 2003, Austria

Night Queen Queen´s Hermelin - young class - 2nd prize

••• INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION, 6th Sep., 2003, Mlada Boleslav, Czech Republic

Night Queen Queen´s Hermelin - CAJC, BOB a BIG, judge P. Krol, Poland. 23 bassethounds were attending.

••• NATIONAL EXHIBITION, 20th July, 2003, Kosice, Slovakia

Night Queen Queen´s Hermelin - CAJC - young winner and BOB - race winner, judge: Borsfai Csaba, Hungary.

••• WORLD EXHIBITION, 29th May 2003, Dortmund, Germany

Chet Queen´s Hermelin - V 4 - working class - one of the four best dogs - between 7 bassets

Night Queen Queen´s Hermelin - N 2 - young class

Chipsi Queen´s Hermelin - V 1 VDH - winner of working class
Chipsi was winner in last year, this year again, between 12 others. THE GREAT SUCCESS.

••• CZECH BASSET CLUB EXHIBITION , 17th May 2003, Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic
judge: Heinz VOGT, SRN
68 bassets

JUNIOR CLUB WINNER: dog - Lambert Queen´s Hermelin, owner: Navratilova Pavla, Czech Republic.
JUNIOR CLUB WINNER: bitch - Michelle Queen´s Hermelin, owner: Otevrelova Vera, Czech Republic.
CLUB WINNER and RACE WINNER (BOB) - Chet Queen´s Hermelin, owner: Otevrelova Vera, Czech Republic.
He is available for Czech Champion Title.
CAC - champion class - Chipsi Queen´s Hermelin.
r. CAC - champion clas - Jeraldina Queen´s Hermelin, owner Otevrelova Vera, Czech Republic.
Title "Czech Champion" available.
VN 2 - young class - Night Queen´s Hermelin.
Judge comment: Future champion.
V 3 - open class - Kelly Queen´s Hermelin, owner Molnarova Eva, Czech Republic.

THE BEST KENNEL - Queen´s Hermelin

••• Night Queen`s Hermelin tries her first exhibition in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia. She is succesfull and she is marking as very promising.

••• Chipsi Queen`s Hermelin - first basset hound wins the title GRAND CHAMPION OF SLOVAKIA !

••• 11. 1. 2003 Chipsi Queen`s Hermelin wins CAC, CACIB, BOB a 2nd prize of BIG in Vrtojba, Slovenia.
Chipsi fills every requirments for the title INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION and she wins the title CLUB CHAMPION OF CZECH REPUBLIC.

••• 8. 2. 2003 Chipsi Queen`s Hermelin receives CAC and CACIB in MVP Brno.